Increase your bargaining power with institutions and build collective strength together with other artists. Join WAGENCY for $5 a month.

WAGENCY's capacity to eradicate conditions of non-payment depends on the active and sustained participation of its membership. WAGENCY only works if you use it, and to use it you must become a subscribing member. Subscription revenue directly supports W.A.G.E.’s work as an independent organizing body and covers the annual cost of accessing the public tax records of thousands of nonprofit institutions through Guidestar.


When you join, you'll be assigned a nontransferable membership number and receive a dynamic SVG WAGENT logo. Your number will remain yours whether or not you continue to be an active, paying WAGENT and until you delete your account and the data associated with it. WAGENCY is currently limited to transacting labor with nonprofits registered in the U.S. but you don't have to live in the U.S. to join and use it. Transact your labor through WAGENCY when you work in the U.S. and increase your leverage with institutions elsewhere by identifying yourself as a WAGENT.


W.A.G.E. agitates for the wholesale redistribution of resources within the art industry and proposes forms of union building based on individual self-organization grounded in collective struggle that must take place laterally across class. The demand to be paid is a political one. Join WAGENCY.


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